Stay fit while pregnant.

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  • Over 60 Exercises

    Each exercise has detailed descriptions and illustrations.

  • The Perfect Workout

    Mommacise automatically adjusts your workout plan to fit whatever stage of pregnancy or post-pregnancy you’re at.

  • Bond with Baby

    After baby arrives, our custom-designed workout plans let her join in too!

  • Stay Fit While Pregnant

    Studies show that pregnancy is more enjoyable and labor easier if you are fit.

  • Get Off the Baby Weight

    Mommacise will help you take off those extra pounds with a program that custom-made for new moms.

The best pregnancies are healthy ones!

You've been great! You've taken your pre-natal vitamins, gone to all the doctor appointments, done the ultrasounds – in short, you've done all the things necessary to have a healthy baby. But did you know one of the best ways to make sure you have a healthy baby is by staying fit while you're pregnant? A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that babies of obese women were at twice the risk of having a neural tube defect, as well as an elevated risk of a heart defect, cleft palate or cleft lip, anorectal atresia (an abnormality of the anus or rectum), hydrocephaly (an enlargement of the ventricles of the brain due to fluid) and limb reduction defects.

The best mothers are fit ones!

The Mayo Clinic's website sites 7 benefits of doing exercise regularly. Among these are improved mood (great for fighting off postpartum depression), weight management (perfect for shedding those extra baby pounds), and boosted energy levels (which you'll definitely need with a baby around). So it's obvious – to be the best mom you can be, exercise needs to be part of your life.

Mommacise, the best app for healthy moms!

Whether you've just found out you're pregnant or you've just given birth, it's never too late to get in shape. Mommacise will be available soon, so check back often or better yet click the Facebook "like" button at the top of this page so you'll know the moment it's available!